Midwest Synergy LLC provides low-risk, multi-well oil and gas investments via direct participation programs through a direct ownership position in the wells from which they may receive monthly revenue disbursements as a result of the cash flow generated by each successful well. In addition, oil and gas investments provide substantial tax benefits, enabling investors to deduct as much as 65 to 100 percent of your investment within the first year. 
 Midwest Synergy LLC on the other hand, aligns its goal with that of the investor, profiting only on the production of a new well. To deliver on that goal, Midwest Synergy LLC ad hers to a stringent project selection process. All prospective projects must pass rigorous geological analyses and demonstrate a high propensity for delivering a return on investment by the management team and its four expert consultants. Each member of the review panel must answer a definitive "yes" when asked if a project has a likely potential for success.

When Midwest Synergy LLC drills a well, we attempt to minimize drilling risk by drilling a well that offsets existing production. We typically drill in our own proven field, next to our own currently producing wells. There is always risk involved when drilling a well; that's why Midwest Synergy LLC employs competent drilling crews, engineers, petroleum geologist and geophysicist to ensure that the drilling operations run smoothly. We will only drill when our engineers, petroleum geologist and geophysicist have thoroughly ex-amined the geology and are confident that we will be able to increase production by drilling an offset well. 
 Midwest Synergy LLC examines every opportunity to acquire good, producing properties. After targeting a property, we research the well and production history, examine the engineering, and finally, we enter into negotiations with the property owner. We believe that these days a focused independent operator can acquire producing properties and improve payback by reworking wells and reducing administrative overhead and operating costs.

What is becoming more available from the major oil companies are non-strategic opportunities which typically have positive cash flow, long life, uphole and behind pipe potential, but are decentralized to the rest of the major oil company's operations. For the current operator, these properties often carry higher operating costs because they may not make the larger company's administrative hurdle rates, but may be good values to smaller companies with less overhead.

There are many oil properties available today that present solid cash flows and very realistic opportunities to increase their present daily production rates and overall recoverable reserves. This is achieved through improved maintenance, more efficient employment of oil field personnel and utilization of surface equipment, replacement of down hole equipment and simply better field monitoring and management. Generally, there is a great deal of difference between the day to day operations of a large, major oil company to that of a smaller, leaner independent. Many times, this improvement in efficiency causes an increase in asset value. 
 Midwest Synergy LLC is always seeking to acquire quality properties at the most favorable prices and will pursue choice opportunities through a pre-established relationship of professional contacts and already identified properties. Here at Midwest Synergy LLC we are working hard for you!





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